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VSC Technopark submitted a Memorandum to Shashi Tharoor M.P and Others proposing the policy requirements of IT Employees and highlighting the key challenges of Technopark fraternity, including railway stoppages at Kazhakoottam.

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On dais of Independence commemoration and Rakshabandhan festival, Vivekananda Study circle president, Rajesh K.S submitted a memorandum to Dr. Shashi Tharoor, M.P, the chief Guest of the event. Memorandum recorded the various demands formulated from the Technopark fraternity, Comprising of requirements on infrastructure development, Policy frameworks for the IT industry, welfare of the Employees and listing out the various
requirements of Technopark community predominantly the transport requirement,requesting more train stops at Kazhakoottam. The memorandum requested regular stoppage for more train via Allepy route, mainly regular stoppage for Guruvayur intercity Express and weekend stoppages for long routes trains covering throughout the Kerala stretch.

Dr. Tharoor, local parliamentarian of Technopark constituency has thankfully agreed to all the points listed in the memorandum submitted to him and assured that the pragmatic suggestions provided by VSC in the memorandum would be taken up sooner with respective ministries, without any delay. He specially acknowledged the details provided in the memorandum to have more train stops at Kazhakoottam, pointed his relentless efforts in
pursuing with the highest level of railway management getting some joy in stops to few trains couple of years back ,and expecting more train stoppages sooner. He requested the support of the companies in Technopark to offer PPP model partnership with railways, to improve the infrastructure at Kazhakoottam station.

The Vivekananda study circle has escalated train stoppage issues to Railway Minister Suresh Prabhu’s office and P.M.O through the other parliamentarians too stationed in Thiruvananthapuram and sought the help of ruling NDA leaders of Kerala. VSC members have also handed over copies of Memorandum to Shri. A.K Antony M.P (Rajyasabha), Shri.Suresh Gopi M.P (Rajyasabha) and Prof.Richard Hay M.P (Rajyasabha) .Some MP’s have
pledged us to liaise with different ministries of state and central to get their attention, assurance and empathy towards the Memorandum.

The copy of Memorandum

To Date: 16 –Aug -2017.
Dr.Shashi Tharoor
Member of Parliament, Thiruvananthapuram Constituency.

Dear, Dr. Shashi Tharoor,

Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC), Technopark, Trivandrum, would like to thank you for
participating in 70 th year Independence commemoration and Rakshabandhan Festival
conducted at Technopark as our chief guest.

On this occasion, we would also like to humbly present you a memorandum based on
inputs taken from the Technopark fraternity, comprising of IT employees, Campus
Authorities and ancillary support staff. We hope that our inputs shall help in formulating
policies that will help to build a better India and flourishing technopark.

Railway facilities at Kazhakoottam Railway station
Stops for the following trains will be immensely helpful to technopark community and
nearby institutions like VSSC, ISRO, Airport travelers and Kazhakoottam residence.

  1.  16342 Thiruvananthapuram -Guruvayur Intercity – Daily (~17:30)
    16341 Guruvayur -Thiruvananthapuram Intercity – Daily (~09:45)
  2.  16604 Maveli Express From TVC – all Friday's and Saturday’s
    16603 Maveli Express towards TVC – all Monday’s
  3.  16343 Amritha Express to Palakkad – all Friday's
    16344 Amritha Express to Thiruvananthapuram – all Monday’s

Request for implementation under Ministry of Human Resources.

  •  Start Off-Campus centers of Universities (like IGNOU, IIM, IIT) inside IT parks with
    emphasis to specialized IT and Management courses.
  • Start day-care centers and Pre- KG schools close by IT parks for benefit of working
  • Have Yoga training centers and stress relieving counseling centers in IT Parks and in
    Tier-2 city centers for benefit of corporate and IT employees.

Have the school curriculum modified to encourage more of innovative thinking and
exploring new ideas from childhood as well have small module of compulsory
Indian value education/culture periods in curriculum up to post-graduation.

Awareness of cyber security and cyber laws needs to be spread more to citizens.
Start with IT employees. Have workshops and seminars every quarter in IT parks for
next few years by eminent experts in this domain.

Other facility service request for Technopark and premises

  •  Food and store outlets of local self-help groups to be promoted more inside the
    park for controlling price.
  •  More Clinics and first-aid centers inside Technopark to cater to the increasing
  •  Initiative for Public Toilets near Technopark Front Gate, karyavattom campus and
    Kazhakoottam junction would be useful for public, Auto drivers, and Traffic wardens

Second edition of Technopark Photography competition “Chhaya 2017 “Awards distributed

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Chhaya2017, second edition of Technopark photography contest awards was distributed along with the Independence and Rakshabandhan festival held at Technopark on Aug 16. Renowned photographer Balan Madhavan adjudged the awards, who was also the judge of this competition. Around 170 photo entries
participated in the event, select photographs of competition were exhibited In Bhavani atrium. There were awards for chosen best three male and female photographers in the Judges choice category.

Dr. Shashi Tharoor, Hon. Member of Parliament, was the Chief Guest for the day. Sriram Venkitaraman, IAS, Balan Madhavan, Technopark CEO Hrishikesh Nair and Experion Executive Director Suresh V.P was also present on the occasion.

Balan Madhavan distributed the awards for the Judges choice winners, to male and female categories. The winner’s award winning moments and their portrait, which won them awards, are as in respective order.

Anand R.J (UST Global) won the first prize in judge’s choice Male category

Judges Choice First Prize (Male Category) winning photograph of Anand R.J

Resmi B Nair (EY) won the first prize in judge’s choice – Female category

Judges Choice First prize (Female) award winning photo captured by Resmi B Nair.

Shashi Tharoor MP distributed the awards for the judge’s choice second place winners in male and female categories. The winners are :

Anoop Vijayan ( Suntec ) won the Second prize in the judge’s choice male category

Aaarya Neerej (IBS) won the Second prize in the judge’s choice female category 

Sriram Venkitaraman IAS distributed the awards for the judge’s choice third place winners, in male and female categories.

The winners are Afroz Mohammed (EY) won the third prize in the judge’s choice male category,receiving along with model of photo

Sindhu Anand (EY) won the third prize in the judge’s choice female category

Technopark CEO Hrishikesh Nair gave the award to Dera David (Infosys) who bagged audience poll category award with highest likes for her photograph,posted in chhaya2017 Facebook group.

Photo Exhibition of select photos of Chhaya2017 at Bhavani atrium on 16 Aug, 2017