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Free Yoga sessions for Technopark Community

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It is time to roll out your yoga mat and discover the combination of physical and mental exercises that for thousands of years have hooked yoga practitioners around the globe. The beauty of yoga is that you don’t have to be a yogi or yogini to reap the benefits. Whether you are young or old, overweight or fit, yoga has the power to calm the mind and strengthen the body.

A good percent of  IT professionals suffer from neck pain, back pain, spondylitis, diabetes and a host of other modern-day health issues. To lead a healthy and less stressful life, we have to find a way to eliminate these painful predicaments from our daily doings. Fortunately, there is a simple solution to these computer-age maladies: the 5,000-year-old ancient Indian practice of Yoga.

Yoga is for everyone, and it’s especially helpful for IT professionals who sit at their desks for long periods of time.Practicing Yoga is helpful in restoring and maintaining well-being and improving flexibility and vitality

Health is not valued till sickness comes.” In today’s fast-paced world too many of us seem to run endlessly in pursuit of money and position, until one day, we find ourselves suffering maladies of the body that could have easily been prevented. So start today, choose a balanced life of harmony — of mind, soul and body. Make yoga a part of your balanced life. It will invigorate your performance and increase your happiness. It’s a calm feeling that carried through your day , love and respect yourself and your body.

The Registration for second batch of “Free Yoga Course” as part of Yogathon2017 program, conducted by Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC) Technopark begins on   30 August 2017.This is exclusive free yoga sessions for Technopark Employees and Technopark support staffs.New batch will start in October 2017.

The Free Yoga teaching includes training for 10 session under the guidance of trained Yoga instructors. Yoga classes will be held on every Tuesday’s morning from 7.30 a.m.  To 8.30 a.m. at Technopark Club, Technopark.

Interested Technopark community members can register their names in single or group   with their Name, Company Name, email-id and contact number by sending email to or .

You may reach out to

9847346682 (Jayakrishnan) / 9495319296 (Vishnu Somanath) / 9847605399 (Praveen Madhusoodanan)