About VSC


Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC) – a voluntary group of professionals working at Technopark, with the objective of imbibing Swami Vivekananda’s teachings and carrying forward his mission.

Universal Brotherhood :
The circle aims at spreading and preaching the spirit of universal brotherhood and ‘unity of man’. The essence of this spirit is as summed by Swami Vivekananda, “Everything must be sacrificed, if necessary, for the noble sentiment, universality”.

Patriotism and Nationalism :
The circle will aim at spreading among the Indians a feeling of brotherhood for fellow Indians and genuine love and pride for the country. The soul stirring words of Swami ji will guide and inspire us:

“O Indians! Forget not that the lower classes the ignorant, the poor, the illiterate, the cobbler, the sweeper are thy flesh and blood and thy brothers. Thou brave ones, be bold, take courage, be proud that thou art an Indian and proudly proclaim at the top of thy voice…”The Indian is my brother, the Indian is my life ……India’s society is the cradle of my infancy; the pleasure garden of my youth, the sacred heaven, the Varanasi of my old age. Say brother, “The soul of India is my highest heaven and the Good of India is my Good!”

Self confidence and sacrifice :
The circle will aim at spreading the message of self- confidence and strength to the people of India as emphasised by Swami ji in his words: –

” Strength is life; weakness is death. ”

” Be bold and be strong. Take up the whole responsibility on your shoulders. You can do anything and everything. All the powers in the universe are already yours.