Chhaya 2016 – Photography contest for techies



Vivekananda Study Circle (VSC) organizes a photography contest “Chhaya 2016” exclusively for Technopark employees.

Winners will be announced in the following categories,

1. Audience Poll: Your submissions will be published in the VSC Chhaya 2016 Facebook group. Those who gets the maximum likes will be the winner in this category.

2. Judges’ Choice: Renowned photographers will evaluate your submissions and select the top 3 photos.


🏵 The photographer must be working in Technopark during the tenure of the contest.

🏵 Each participant can submit up to two (2) photos in each contest category.

🏵 Same photos can be submitted for both categories.

🏵 The submission deadline date is 4 pm on 8-June-2016 for both categories.

🏵 Digital manipulation that distorts the reality of the images will be disqualified.

🏵 The file name for each photo for the Audience Poll should be clearly labelled with the participant’s name, company, phone number and where the image was taken. For example: Amal_UST_9400585415_Trivandrum_01.

🏵 Join the VSC Chhaya 2016 Facebook group

and upload your submissions for the Audience Poll contest. Approved photos will appear on the page.

🏵 Submissions for the Judges’ Choice contest should be given as print copy (specification 12*18 or 8*12) and submitted to any of the following volunteers:


🔸Nila –Vishnu:95394 06461

🔸IBS, IITM –Amal:94005 85415

🔸IBS, IITM –Abdul Vasih:94953 40585

🔸Quest –Varun:94958 86577

🔸M2, Amstor, Gayathri –Hari: 90481 61733

🔸Leela –Abhilash: 97460 87097

🔸Bhavani –Anand: 94961 51601

🔸Tejaswini –Vishnu:94953 19296

🔸3rd Phase – Sreejith:98956 34204

🔸Infosys – Vinod:96058 30973

🔸Infosys SEZ – Daliya Marium Sunny:97394 88654

🔸Kinfra – Murali: 97464 02083

The award ceremony will be held on 09-June-2016 at 6 pm in Technopark